Trickster88 (trickster88) wrote in kurtofsky_fic,

Promo Codes!

fistsandfangs  has created the delighful layout/pimp codes/profile layout we now have, the soon-to-be-initiated-profile code, and the promos you are now about to see! Praise fistsandfangs !

lovesmymovement  made the banner and promo banners you are about to see. Thanks to her as well!

And, the beautiful profile banner you will all eventually see was created by paintcans ! [Profile layout is now up. Thank you fistsandfangs !]

Links to their journals have been added to the sidebar because they are just that cool. :D

Anyway, feel free to pimp the comm so we can have a bigger pool of writers and satisfy our kurtofsky thirst!

PIMP #1-

PIMP #2-

PIMP #3-

PIMP #4-

PIMP #5-

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