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New Year's Treats

an unmoderated mini-gift-exchange for the Kurtofsky fandom.

Who can participate? Everyone who signs up until December 10th.

How can I sign up? Reblog this post with a short note about what would you prefer to get as a treat: type of the gift (drabble/AU graphic/fanart ect), its rating, maybe also a short prompt(s). If you don’t have a tumblr, submit your prompt here. (I’ll post it on the blog.)

(Remember: ONLY YOUR LAST REBLOG SHOWS IN NOTIFICATIONS. It means that if you reblog this post to sign up and later reblog it to signal boost, people will only see the second reblog and won’t know what you want to receive.)

How does this even work? After you reblog the post, you will be added to this spreadsheet. You can visit it and, comparing with notes people will leave in their reblogs of this post, you can choose someone from the list. Let us know you picked them. We will add ‘x’ in the second column to signalize that someone is already making a gift for this person, so that other participants will know it. You can make gifts for more than one person and decide yourself if you want to be anonymous or tell your recipient(s) you’re making a gift for them.

When does the posting start? Since December 31. There isn’t any requirements like length of fanfiction, there’s no set in stone deadline and no check-ins. You decide when your recipient receives the gift, but since it’s a “New Year’s” event, please try to finish your fill in January.

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