karomeled (karomeled) wrote in kurtofsky_fic,

a reminder about the Kurtofskyfest happening on tumblr (January 2013)

Kurtofsky Miniweek begins in 7 days, starting the Kurtofsky Winterfest! What’s a Miniweek? It’s a time of celebration of Kurtofsky ship! Every day will have an assigned theme for it + we have a bingo card for you to complete. Get inspired by the prompts and create fanwork centered around Kurt and Dave :) You are free to interpret the them however you like and create whatever fanwork you prefer. You can start creating fills for the prompts and bingo cards right away, but please wait for the beginning of the week to post it! (You can stil post long after the fest ended! Just post in the right tag, so we could see it.)

Day 1 (4th of January): New beginning.
Day 2 (5th of January): Ice.
Day 3 (6th of January): Warm and cozy.
Day 4 (7th of January): My Creys.
Day 5 (8th of January): Alternative Universe.
BONUS: Bingo card with tropes. [x]
Tags: misc: info
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