karomeled (karomeled) wrote in kurtofsky_fic,

Kurtofsky Winterfest (January 2013)

Hi! We're running a little winter celebration of our shipping community over at kurtofskythings tumblr. It will consist from a "miniweek" and a gifts exchange. In both cases all kinds of fanwork (gifs, fanvids, fanart ect) are welcomed.

Main info:
1. You have to have a tumblr. Register here.
2. The Miniweek takes place on January 4th-8th, the gift exchange is finalized a day later.
3. Sign-ups for the exchange end on Midnight, December 9 GMT+1 (which is December 8th, 6pm for GMT-5 and December 9th, 7am for GMT+8).
4. Details, guidance and a sign-up form.
Tags: misc: info
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